Ultima 260 Acrylic Porch Awning

I purchased the Ultima 260 Acrylic Porch Awning the first week of May 2009 and went to Pembrokeshire from 14th to 23 May.
What a test, we were pitched on high ground overlooking the sea and apart for one day we had extremely strong gusty winds and a lot of rain.

The awning was very good, under great wind pressure most of the time with one side looking like the sail of a boat and the rain lashing on the roof,sides and front. No problems to report although I did use heavy duty pegs for the guy ropes and not the metal ones supplied.

So well done, a very good product and I hope we will get a lot more use from it preferrably though in a lot more pleasant weather when we will be able to use the canopy.


David Brown


Just tested the tent out for a few nights away in rain & high winds (english summer) and was delighted with staying warm & dry. Thanks for a wonderful tent, it was a delight whilst people around us got soggy.

Sam Rogers

Scenic Plus/ Ultima 390

We have just graduated from the Scenic Plus which served us fantastically for the last two years including last Summer in the UK, gales, and day after day of torrential rain. Way outside its spec it stood up to it all superbly with no leaks and no problems.

We have just taken delivery of an Ultima 390 which, according to your terms we have erected and found superb.

Richard Chandless

Ultima 390

Dear Sirs,

I just had to write to say how extremely pleased we are with our awning. We purchased our awning last summer but it has never really been put to the test until last week. When we arrived on site we debated whether to put the awning up or not as it was quite breezy but in the end we decided to go for it. It took the two of us to get it positioned right because of the wind but once we did we double pegged and put double guide lines on. We had strong winds and heavy rains and despite all that, the awning didn't move. WHAT A LITTLE GEM. There were two other awnings nearby that didn't stand up to it and ended up with bent poles and one actually collapsed. I just wanted to say well done keep up the good work and we would recommend our little awning to anyone.


Pat Hooper

Ultima 260

I purchased a Sunncamp Ultima 260 last year and I'd like to say how happy I am with it - it is truly excellent. It is easy to pitch, very roomy and airy; the quality is excellent.

Andy Terry, Suffolk


We have a caravan sited in Wales and bought the Scenic as I wanted something quick and easy to erect during the off season time as we're not allowed to put up a full awning during this time due to high winds.

We have just returned from a weekend at the caravan, though the weather was awful, we still erected the Scenic. We had really heavy rain and winds were forecast at fifty mph but I'm sure the gusts were in excess of that. However although the Scenic was blown continuosly by the strong winds, when the wind and rain stopped, after two days, the awning maintained it's shape, all the zips worked perfectly and not one stitch broke or ran. We use it at these times for storing muddy boots and because the rain was so heavy I put the sky dish inside the awning as it constantly lost the signal outside.

We don't sit out in the Scenic at this time of year but as we don't smoke in the caravan it's ideal for the crafty ciggy and I've found, after this weekend, even when the rains really heavy, I didn't get wet while inside the Scenic. It's a brilliant product.

Peter Lidzy