Luxury Padded Breathable Awning Carpet

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Luxury Padded Breathable Awning Carpet

Complement your awning with our specially woven carpet whilst adding a touch of luxury. 

Available in the following sizes:

  • 180cm x 220cm - BC1001
  • 240cm x 250cm - BC1002
  • 220cm x 225cm - BC1003
  • 260cm x 240cm - BC1004
  • 280cm x 240cm - BC1005
  • 325cm x 240cm - BC1006
  • 300cm x 260cm - BC1007
  • 390cm x 240cm - BC1008
  • 390cm x 325cm - BC1009 (shaped to fit Ultima Grande 390
  • BC1010 - (shaped to fit Inceptor 390)
  • BC1012 - (shaped to fit Inceptor 330)
  • BC1013 - (shaped to fit Inceptor 450) 
  • BC1014 - 420cm  x 280cm (to fit Globe 420 Air)
  • BC1015 - 350cm x 280cm (to fit Globe 350 Air)
  • BC1016 - 450cm x 240cm (to fit Advance Master)
  • BC1017 - 300cm x 240cm (to fit Advance Junior)
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